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    This website is mainly for players to book their private lessons. 

Please read this page and if you have any questions, please text us.   Thank you!

If you are looking for lessons in Bellaire or Houston, please text Pablo Bracho at  713-446-4508

If you are looking for lessons in Austin, please text Juan Bracho at  832-483-4279

If you are in Austin and you want to book a lesson with Coach Juan,  please proceed to this link:

Our System:  The JBTA system has been successful making match players. Our students learn  technique, the shots of the game, sportsmanship and character development.  Our players come to our academy with personal goals. Some players have goals to compete in  USTA;  others strive to play high school tennis and others are workihg towards playing college tennis. Our Academy also serves players who are passionate about the game as a recreational sport. As players develop their skills their goals may change and we are here to support them along their journey. 

JBTA specializes in juniors grades  1-12  grade.  If your child cannot play a match yet (Serve, rally, call the score, etc...) then our private instruction will be the best for them. The player can systematically learn the steps that we provide and with consistency we will make him or her into a match  player.

Private instruction or Team instruction?

Beginners: we recommend private lessons.

Match Ready Players: we recommend team workouts with private lessons to polish shots. 

Lesson Booking

Private lessons are scheduled in 30 minute increments. The cost is $45.00 per 30 minutes. Book two lessons if the player wants an hour lesson.

New to the academy, the first session will be an assessment. 

Team workouts will be formed by the coach.

Packages available.

How to Book Lessons

Register and then log-in

Click on "court scheduler"

Click on "lesson search" below the calendar on the right side. 

Book any available slots.


Book from the calendar directly but only choose  the blue "lesson available" slots. are open for your bookings.


Cancellations cannot be done using this scheduler -- please text the coach as soon as possible.

Text is best, please don't leave a voice message or e-mail. 

We look forward to supporting your game of tennis. 

Thank you , 

Coach Juan Bracho and Coach Pablo Bracho


For ZOOM analysis  text Juan at : 832-483-4279  For GRIPLOCK purchases text Juan at: 832-483-4279