Past Champions

1. Carsten Weber 1987. (Reached Superchampionship division with the academy. Went on to College tennis...........St. Mary's in San Antonio. Thanks for letting me be your videographer at your wedding!
2. Robert Gol. 1989. He did not follow the usta system and aimed high. he reached satellite pro level but his career ended short due to the loss of his father and a knee injury. His efforts toward being the best will always stay in my mind. Thank you Robert for your dedication to the dream.)
3. Jeremy Eisemann. 1990 Great talent and natural ability. He attacked the net as early as a 12 year old competitor which put him in the super championship division. He held his status all the way until he finished high-school. After high school, Jeremy decided to play college tennis. (Colgate)
4. Scott Miller. 1992 (reached national division with the academy). After being #1 player in Bellaire high school, Scott was given 5 scholarship offers to play college tennis. He turned down all those to go to University of Texas. (which they only accept top 50 in the nation players............too bad you were in the 200! Anyway, Scott graduated from business school and now you are vice-president of a service corporation. Good for you my dearest step-son!
5. Michelle Magid. 1993. Reached national division with the academy. Went on to College tennis at Boston University. I hear you are a doctor now!
6. Debbie Medrano. 1995( Reached superchampionship division with the academy.) Daughter of the best woman doctor in the world! Carlos Medarno! I will always cherish your enthusiasm to the sport!
7. William Lee. 1997. ( Reached superchampionship division with the academy) Went on to College tennis. (Harvard)
8. Manvir Anand. 2000. (Reached championship division with the academy.)
9. Austin Wiegand. 2001 (Reached championship division with the academy.) Austin moved to San Antonio and since then has advanced to National ranking!! Good for you Austin!!! Austin played college tennis.
10. Anil Narayana. 2001 (Reached championship division with the academy)
11. Yowei Shaw. 2002.( Reached national level with the academy.)
12. Durham Kyle. 2002. ( Reached superchampionship division with the academy.)
13. Audrey Paterson. 2002 ( Reached championship division with the academy)
14. Hayden Grossman. 2003 (Reached championship division with the academy) I hear you are now a national player! Good for you!
15. Rebecca Heith. 2003 (Reached super-championship division with the Academy.) She decided to dedicate full time to her singing career. Rebecca was awarded a sportsmanship award by the usta. she helped the academy as an assistant coach and summer counselor.
16. Mason Harrell. 2004 Started with us in ZAT's in 2002 with zero points and reached National level with the academy by 2004. Mason is back with us now in 2006! Welcome back Mason! Now you are a national player shooting up! There is no limit as to how high you can go! My success is your success! Mason helped us in the creation of our tactics dvd in 2006. Good production! thank you!! Mason plays for SMU. Go ponny express!!!
17. Bradley Tannenbaum. 2004. (Started with us in 2001 and reached championship division with the academy)
18. Matthew Dretsun. 2004. (Started with us in 2000 and reached championship division.)
19. Bailey Desarmoux. 2005. (Started with us in 2003 and reached championship division.) Back with us now as a super-championship player! In 2006 Bailey continues in supers on his own. Good luck Bailey!
20. Anne Simpson. 2006. She started with the academy in the junior program and reached the championship division.) Anne was also a great help to the academy as a counselor to both the junior program and the summer camp. Good luck to you at Trinity University. Did you know that Juan Bracho applied to Trinity one year to play for the team and was turned down! Ha! You are my redeemer!!
21. Sequoia Owens. 2005. (Started with the Academy as a beginner and reached the championship level.) Sequoia will always be remembered as a fun and yet quiet girl. Last I heard from her, she was still competing at the usta tournaments. Good for you!
22. Laura Forbes. 2006. Made sixteen champs and lettered in singles at Lamar High School. The real champion though was the fighter off the court because she also had a seizure disorder. She fought both battles with coaches, family and friends by her side; it was all she needed. Laura still loves tennis and is now in college. Laura is another one that can carry the logo: tennis for life! Good for you Laura. Stay in touch.
23. Andrew Rosales. 2007. Andrew started with the Academy as an advance beginner and reached the championship 16 division. Andrew's best assets were his fighting spirit on the court and his professional attire! Andrew is now continuing his tennis goals somewhere else but we appreciate his efforts here with us! Good luck with your tennis Andrew, I know you will keep this sport for a lifetime.
24. Paul Bas. 2007. Paul advanced to championship division. Paul went on to study Architecture but now he is teaching tennis at Southside place as an independent coach. Good for you Paul!
25. Titus Wu. 2008. Titus started as a beginner with our Academy and went all the way to super-champs!! I will always remember you because you had the best serve I have ever taught!!
26. Anjali Singal. 2009. Anjali started as a beginner with our Academy and reached championship division with us. Anajli continues to play competitive tennis.
27. Andy Clarage . 2009 . Andy started as a beginner and reached super-champs. Andy was not only a great student to the Academy but he was an excellent counselor. Andy went on to play college tennis.
28. Nick Roy. 2010. Nick started with us as a beginner and reached championship division. Nick continues to help me with our junior program and camp. Excellent counselor!!
29. Garrett Browne. 2010. Garrett started as a beginner and went up to championship division. Garrett also continues with us helping us with junior program and camp. Garrett is our "Jim Courier" ........ nice guy!! and smart too.....ask him to put together a rubiks cube!!!
30. Ray Clarage. 2010. Ray started as a beginner with the Academy and reached championship division. Ray also has helped us with our Junior program and camp. Ray is an outstanding high-school player now and with tremendous potential still in him!!
31. Taylor Vick. 2011. Taylor started as a beginner at age 5 and went on to play National division and college tennis. The loyalty and dedication that Taylor had for tennis and the Academy are going to be very hard to surpass. Taylor played more competitive matches than anyone else before her. Taylor now helps the Academy teaching in our summer programs.
32. James Grant. 2011 . James started as a beginner and moved up to championship division with us. James is now residing in Australia. Good luck with you game down under!!!
NOTE: If your name is not in this list and you accomplished champs, super-champs, national or collegiate tennis..........please call me at 832-483-4279....... I will appologyze and place your name in this list that makes me very proud. Thank you.