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1. FOR PRIVATE LESSONS: Please register above (At the very top left of the page) and log in To book a lesson go to the "Court Scheduler" tab on the left hand side menu and click "lesson search" below the calendar. Thank you !
2. When booking private lessons click on "lesson available" not on slots that say available... (which are for court reservations.) Do not book more sessions than what you have paid for.
3. Please do not use this reservation system for courts..... only for private lessons.
4. If you are an adult, I prefer if you book your private lessons on slots when kids are in school (such as Thursday mornings and early afternoons or evenings after 8:30pm).... after all teaching children is my life's G-d's given talent!!
5. Private lessons are not refundable but they are transferable. You must complete your package of 12 sessions in 1 calendar year from the date of your first lesson.
6. The commitment of Team and Junior program is an 8 week commitment. No refunds once season starts. 7. Summer camp commitment is weekly. No refunds once week starts.
8. TEAM players must receive a text from coach indicating which color team the player must practice or just view standings above.
9. Beginners 1st. thru12th grade should take private lessons in order to advance to TEAM
10. Players in TEAM level can skip one season to remain in that TEAM but they will drop down.
11. Players that skip 2 seasons will be dropped out and will have to re-test using private lessons.
12. To move up the ladder, players will compete within the season and also via "challenge" matches.
13. Obviously the more you practice the more you improve. Study hard at school so you can have time for your tennis as well.